About Us

Rooks Creek Boutique started in January 2017 but was in the works since fall of 2016. (Rooks Creek runs through our backyard) I had this crazy idea for several months and waited to tell my husband out of fear of what he would say. Of course, he thought it was a great idea, and I asked myself why I waited so long to discuss it with him. I teach full time at a bilingual elementary school and have wanted a second job for a while now. We have three small children, so leaving in the evening or on weekends would be difficult. This creates the perfect scenario because I can do the majority of my work from home. 

Another major factor in my decision was, of course, clothes! I am based in central Illinois and struggle to find clothes I love. As a 32-year-old woman with three small children, I found it difficult to find "my place" at the mall. Am I in college? No. Going to the club? No. I constantly wondered: where are all the cute clothes? I love that I can personally select every piece I bring to the boutique, and I hope you all love them too!